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My friend saved the girl at the risk of his own life.


I'll call her when I get there.


Marty is full.

That girl that's talking to John is Susan.

Dan was killed just two days before the trial began.

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Andrew made us laugh.

You don't need to worry about such a thing.

We won't let them escape.

That store sells meat and fish.

Don't you want to know?

I want that shirt too.

My father played golf on the Sunday morning.


She only buys second-hand clothing.


His conduct was nothing short of madness.

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I wouldn't ever want to cross him.

We can't give you your job back.

The rain washed away the soil.


We want to take it.


Do you think a male Gemini would get on well with a female Pisces?

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I was outraged, too.

I'm still not impressed.

I've been here since 2:30.

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I'll be sure to tell Clyde you said so.

That's where I want to go.

A wisp of hair fell over his left eye.


Please be brief.

Do you know where Old is from?

The morning sun is too bright to look at.

Let's take care of business.

It's probably nothing, but, again, you better talk to your doctor.

Natural languages are not a reflection of the peoples' culture but rather a result of a massive, uncontrolled and hasty urbanization process, which stripped people of their true national identity only to substitute it with the cattle atmosphere of McDonald's, reality TV and commercial porn.

Continual improvement of the organization's overall performance should be a permanent objective of the organization.

I didn't attack him.

One way to lose weight is to eat less.

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I tried to ask her a riddle.

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Forbidden fruit tastes best.

Mr. Smith and I have been acquainted with each other for a long time.

John has tested positive for anabolic steroids.

I can do everything.

I do not believe in centrism.

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This part isn't so bad, is it?

Family members should not compete against each other.

Let them come.


I can't sleep with all that racket.

Tickets are $13, $30, and $33, and go on sale Monday at noon.

How long have you two been engaged?

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I've heard that French is a difficult language.

I've never seen her that angry.

One fifth of the earth's surface is covered by permafrost.

I wish it were possible.

A "shiitake" is a type of mushroom.

As is often the case with educated people, he likes classical music better than popular music.

Once more, the fundamentalist ideologies oppose to the great historical advances.


To our regret, we were obliged to call off the game, which we had been looking forward to.

She was clinging to her father.

Srinivasan asked Kikki why she was unhappy.

We can work that out.

Masanobu took Sekar's empty glass from her hand and refilled it.


We'll hide it.

She rarely talked to anybody.

Can you at least tell me your name?


How did you know that I was Canadian?


You can only go so far.

There's nothing more painful than losing one's child.

"Here I come! ...Your Majesty, Duke Onkled is under attack by the evil forces of Ganon." "..." "Impa?! You're a slut!" "You smell like shit!" "Enough! Where's His Majesty?" "Ganon captured the King!" "Ganon is a prick..."

When you called, I was already awake.

A sudden illness forced her to cancel her appointment.

Marcel is a really good guy.

He will have dinner.

He took a refreshing walk along the riverside.

Scratching his head, Real asked, "Have you seen that paperwork that was on the desk, No? It's kind of important." "Oh, I threw that crap away last week, Lanny," Antonella replied offhandedly.


I got a hole in my jeans.

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The killer has just taken his fourteenth victim, and we still have no lead on his identity.

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She was hungry enough to eat anything.

The next morning, we ate breakfast together.

I had an argument with him.


I think Terry is awesome.

I thought Gregory would know how to do that.

After Case dumped Manavendra, she started seeing John.

Nothing scares them.

She softly stole out of the room.


I not only gave him some advice, I also gave him a fellatio.

All right, let's give it a try.

On the one hand, the place is cheap. On the other hand, it's too hot.


You say that you want to study well, but don't actually work when it comes to doing the homework. Do you think that that's okay?

We're filling in for them today.

Vadim has a lot of money, but he has no friends.

The police are here already.

The kiwi is a flightless bird of comparable size to the chicken.

Thank you. You've been very helpful.

Why is Hotta being so defensive?


Europeans tried to civilize the tribe.


He has sharp hearing.


I'd know you anywhere.

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Syun didn't know Skip very well.


I don't want to see that again.

I didn't try to stop them.

I think Wolf feels differently.


Because of the storm, we weren't able to arrive at the appointed time.

Thanks to all of you.

Believe me!


Here's where we separate the men from the boys.

Has the plumber found the source of the trouble?

Desert sand cools off rapidly at night.


Keep your room clean.

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Who are your parents?

I'm worried about the future.

In the summer, I wear cotton shirts.

Powder is soluble in water.

That's logical.

I didn't bring any warm clothes.

I was aching to tell you all my news.

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Food and drink are not permitted in the library.


You agreed to take turns.


The pastor is nourished by the church.

I need to meet more Peruvian friends.

I can cook very well.

I almost forgot my umbrella.

About what?

Just tell me what you need.

I wish I spoke more French.

Martin was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

In my opinion, my German is not good enough.

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What is the name of the building whose roof you can see?

He always values his wife's opinions.

Did you have fun?

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It is imperative for you to act at once.

What's your username?

Jeffery told me his father could speak French.

A trial is a formal inquiry designed to prove and put upon record the blameless characters of judges, advocates and jurors.

We suspect him of telling a lie.

You've got to sign your name.

He meditates on his past life.

They are superior to us in learning.

He saved money for the trip.

Don't you feel stupid now?

Mick doesn't really like me.

He gave her a kiss.

Darkness is the absence of light.

Subra and Nguyen have made up.

I think you can't understand that feeling unless you're from the same generation.


Kitty and Johnnie spent the afternoon baking pumpkin pies.

Earl won't accept this.

It's hard for me, reading letters on the monitor.

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I bandaged one.

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Call a plumber.


Huh? How is that relevant?

We've known her for years.

I want to do this alone.

I sometimes think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm.

I can be honest.

I didn't say I persuaded her.

Where did you say you slept last night?

The queen held out her hand, and the old woman examined its lines closely.

Many people take an interest in cars, but they don't interest me at all.